Celebrating the World Youth Skills Day today and everyday to reinforce the skill in you!

Having recognized the core objective of the World Youth Skills Day to promote skill-based learning to inculcate the employability and entrepreneurial skills amongst the youth, Urban Skill is committed to make consistent efforts in helping the young minds accomplish the task of learning desired skills.

Throwing light on the vital contribution of skilled youth in meeting the significant global challenges and addressing the youths on World Youth Skills Day, our Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that “Learning new skills, reskilling and upgrading one’s skills are the demands of the times we are living in.” Additionally he also mentioned how skill is timeless and makes you self-reliant.

Amidst the global COVID-19 pandemic when the institutions are facing worldwide closure which in a way has left the youths bereft of the skill-based education form prominent institutions and obviously has also led to a financial instability in many cases, we at Urban Skill have been trying to fill this void between desire for education and the availability of learning platform through our efforts to impart skill based learning under the mentorship of experts for the youths to prosper in the world of Internet.

To help the youth develop and upgrade their skillsets Urban Skill recently organized a Domain Name Aftermarket Webinar Course Series (inclusive of 14 Webinars) and was indeed a huge success with an approximate participation of thousands of individuals who further brought the teachings into practice.

Urban Skill is a not-for-profit organization aimed at empowering the youths with skills and expertise which they have been deprived of during their academics through courses involving series of Webinars and study materials along with practical demonstrations followed with assessment and certifications. The skillset ranges from internet technology to digital marketing, photography to film making, Life sciences to the social impacts, education to travel as well as startups and innovation and even more.

On this day i.e. 15th July, which is observed as the World Youth Skills Day let us all join hands together to help in empowering the youth with different skill sets and promote collective intelligence and growth.