About Urban Skill Community

Established in the year 2015 Urban Skill is a not-for-profit organization which was formerly known as Startup Cafe. It was further renamed to Knowledge Cafe in the year 2018 with the core objective being to share knowledge and insightful experience of the renowned experts with the young minds over an interactive platform helping them and their businesses grow better. In the year 2020 Knowledge Cafe has been renamed as Urban Skill.

Selected twice by the UN IGF (Internet Governance Forum) Knowledge Cafe (Now Urban Skill since 2020) has been represented at the global platforms such as the United Nations and UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) exhibiting about our varied projects and establishing a healthy interaction with several delegates. 

With a surpassing brilliance of having served about ten thousands of people via offline interactive meetups and about thousands of participants through Webinars we strive to maintain a community of passionate learners and doers through social engagements.

Our Mission

Urban Skill strives to demonstrate a successful learning and transformation both personal and professional in its entire mission for the national and global public interest while maintaining the highest standards of service with competent, committed and reflective professionals via meaningful outreach.

Promoting the constructive usage of the Internet amongst the potential users Urban Skills is committed to increase the global competence of the country’s youth. Delivering in-depth information we aren’t confined to occasional webinars instead we have developed a well structured course curriculum which is a compilation of series of Webinars in order to promote effective learning. We conduct a series of Webinars and provide study materials and share the recorded sessions on various social media platforms.

Urban Skill is an interactive learning platform that inspires, educates and transforms the youth professionally by bringing together the speakers who aid the learners in building a brighter and much more inclusive future.

Join our community and give an exhibit table space to your curiosity of learning and growing by connecting with the experts from both national and international platforms. Starting from the scratch Urban Skill ensures everything you should know for a sustainable economic and personal growth.

Our Objective

Urban Skill aims at empowering the youths with skills and expertise which they have been deprived of during their academics. The skillset ranges from internet technology to digital marketing, photography to film making, Life sciences to the social impacts, education to travel as well as startups and innovation and even more.

With a clear vision of making a fair contribution in country’s development and Government’s digital India Campaign we aim to train the fair usage of internet and various digital platforms including the online commercial platforms to the general public, economically weaker sections of the society and those deprived of using the internet free of cost and without any sponsorship for the same.

Promoting the notion of even-handed right to learning and acquiring skills Urban Skills is highly committed to providing free education to the underprivileged.