About Urban Skill

Skillful beginning for an outperforming career!

Urban Skill is a digital learning platform devoted to excellence in providing skill-based education incorporated with both research and innovation to fulfill the long term career objective of the learning enthusiasts who aspire to make a difference. Being an interactive learning platform Urban Skill inspires, educates and transforms the youth professionally by bringing together the speakers who aid the learners in building a brighter and much more inclusive future.

Ever since its establishment it has been consistently striving to provide the learners with personalised support and spreading awareness about the various technology-based career options amongst the youths. With an extensive learning experience from experts, Urban Skill has helped thousands of individuals to accomplish their career objectives in vivid areas.

With an idea of providing the learners with skillful education imbibing the practice sessions, we also work hard to spread awareness about various internet based career options. ‘Knowledge Cafe’(now Urban Skill) has been represented at several international Platforms like UN IGF (Internet Governance Forum) and UNESCO.

Urban Skill also runs an Urban Skill Community in order to fairly contribute to the country’s development by providing free digital education to all those deprived of learning due to economic concerns and also this does not involve any sponsorship.

With a clear vision of making a fair contribution in country’s development and Government’s digital India Campaign we aim to train the fair usage of internet and various digital platforms including the online commercial platforms to the general public, economically weaker sections of the society and those deprived of using the internet free of cost and without any sponsorship for the same.

Urban Skill gives the learners an opportunity to understand the functioning and prevalent ethics in the industry by establishing interactive sessions with the experts who share their real-time experiences and success stories which in turn works as an inspiration and enables the individuals to realize and accomplish their dreams.

Our Story

Urban Skill started its journey as “Startup Cafe” in the year 2015 with the core objective of sharing non-discriminatory and even-handed knowledge consolidated with an insightful experience of the renowned experts to help the youths and their businesses grow better. In the year 2018 while expanding its horizon and the core objective to upgrade the skill sets of the youth, of which they have been deprived of during their schooling/college times, Startup Cafe was renamed as “Knowledge Cafe”. Since then we have been consistently working towards skill development of the Youths making them employable and capable of taking a stand in the competitive market today.

In the year 2020, taking a note of how important is the promotion and awareness about Digital education particularly for one’s economic as well as personal transformation, Knowledge Cafe has been further renamed as “Urban Skill” symbolizing the significance of digital education and awareness in the modern world. We have been making every possible effort to help the learners and the professionals across the country to accomplish their career objectives in the fields of internet, technology, digital marketing and others via offline meetups, interactive sessions, conferences and Webinars.

Our Mission

Our mission is to identify the educational concerns of the youths across the country and provide them with ethical and successful learning solutions incorporated with team-based problem solving and convenient learning methods. Having an interactive learning platform Urban Skill facilitates the interaction between students and experts to help them stimulate their mental processes and encourage them to act and innovate.

Our Objective

Urban skill aims to combine a value and skill-based education along with excitement for the learners to have a unique learning experience. Conveying the core importance of digital education we work with a zeal to transform the learners full of encouragement and confidence into the leaders of the next generation by giving space to creativity and innovation.