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Having built a community of hundreds of Domain Name investors Urban Skill’s online course on Domain Name Aftermarket teaches you the fundamentals of buying, investing and selling the domain names for a profitable success.

‘Domain Names are foundations of the internet and thus, hold immense potential’. Domaining/Domain Aftermarket is all about unfolding the unrealized potency of a domain name.

Domaining is a work from anywhere business that requires the minimal investment i.e. as low as $10 to your potential. Focussed more on getting started domaining is a business that requires access to the internet, your willingness to learn and effort to implement.

How to learn Domaining?

Urban Skill’s free online course on “Domain Aftermarket Business” is here to help you learn and prosper. We tell you the worth of a ‘Domain Name’.

Starting from How to buy & what names to buy, How to find the domains, how to find the prospects, whom to sell and at what price to sell, you will learn everything step-by-step here.

Being one of the most flourishing low to high investment online businesses these days, Domaining makes a great entry point for both the beginners as well as those with busy schedules that can be picked as a side business.

Before, you begin your journey? We would like you to read the success stories of some of the young individuals who picked up domaining as the side hustle.

Why join Urban Skill’s Free Domain Aftermarket Course?

With the majority of businesses getting online, the vitality of choosing the right domain name to prosper has been significantly driving the profitability in the domain reselling business.

All that you require to become an extraordinaire to deal in the internet domain names is a few hours of commitment to learning and implementation and rest is on us.

At Urban Skill, we are not only committed to the free learning in just five sessions, but also we provide lifetime assistance to every learner in our active telegram group of Urban Skill Domaining Community with industry experts as domainers.

We bring you the experiences and success stories of many youngsters as well as the veterans both from the national and international domaining community.

We keep you updated with all the recent sales and news in the industry, the right time to buy/sell specific domain names.

We provide you complete guidance on handling or avoiding the intellectual property issues under the guidance of highly experienced domain lawyers.

We bring you advanced workshops and guest lectures with national and international speakers from time to time for better understanding and enhanced learning, that too absolutely free.

With the spread of digitization, online presence of the businesses is now a mandate for them to flourish which is resulting into a significant growth in domain name registrations every year thereby paving a way to a profitable career to those taking an interest in the secondary market for domain names.

As per the recent stats from Verisign- global provider of domain name registry services and internet infrastructure, the Domain Name industry has witnessed a growth of about four million domain name registrations by the end of the year 2020 as compared to that in the year 2019 with the .com and .net TLDs accounting for an increase of 6.3 million registrations alone in the year 2020.

The choice of a domain name is of great importance and one of the key factors that drive the business. Those recognized as ‘extraordinaire’ in the industry are known to be the domainers as they have already mastered the ability to deal in the internet domain names be it buying or selling.

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After completion of the course you will get:

What we expect from you?

Explore the Domaining industry and unfold how the Domain Aftermarket business works.

You will learn:

How to invest in a Domain Name?

Any random business isn’t profitable and so is a domain name. At Urban Skill’s free sessions on Domaining, our industry expert mentors guide you through every thick and thin of finding and buying the right domain names at a reasonable price. We help you identify the reasonable price while buying the domains.

How to sell Domains?

If you are a beginner, selling a domain name in the secondary marketplace might seem to be a mountain of a task but we at Urban Skill help you master the skills through our step by step training and live workshops and you make profitable SALES!

Right from pricing to choosing the right marketplace and from finding the prospects to making profitable sales we are committed to your assistance even post completion of the course in our Telegram Community of Successful Domainers.

Who should join?

This course is for you if you are:

  • Digital Marketer
  • Freelancer
  • Social Media Influencer
  • Running a web development Agencies
  • Running a web hosting company
  • Brand Name Consultant
  • Internet Entrepreneur
  • Running Advertising Agency
  • Running Media Buying Agency
  • Running a consultancy firm
  • Keen learner and an avid internet user


Why Free?

Ever since the establishment of Urban Skill in the year 2015, it has been consistently devoted to serve the community with excellence in providing skill-based education to fulfill the long term career objective of the learning enthusiasts who aspire to make a difference.

We have been making efforts by organizing offline meetups and sessions in order to provide the learning resources and mentorship to those curious to learn. We have been providing every learner with personalised support while spreading awareness about the various internet-based career options amongst the youths.

With an extensive learning experience from experts, Urban Skill has helped thousands of individuals to accomplish their career objectives in vivid areas.

In the recent situation where we are all impacted by the global pandemic i.e. COVID-19 situation, Urban Skill continued encouraging and supporting the youths through Webinars. And in the wake of this we have been conducting absolutely free Webinars on various topics varying from seo, creating a sustainable career in YouTube and others.

We have been running this free Webinar course Series on Domain Name Aftermarket since the month of march and every month we come up with a new batch. The attendees of our previous batches gained meaningful insights and are already in action and doing well with everyday learning under the mentorship of the experts. I hope our efforts would be equally beneficial to you too and help you learn & achieve.

Note: The course is absolutely free and would remain so in the near future as well. In no case, the learners would be charged.