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'There is much in a Domain Name'

Domaining, having acquired global recognition has become one of the most trending skillsets for all the business enthusiasts. Platforms like GoDaddy, Afternic and Sedo are one of the best choices for buying and selling of premium domain names. Urban Skill has trained hundreds of enthusiasts, the art of buying and selling domain names who are now proficient Domainers leading a way to their long term career goals! With Least inputs, shorter learning curve, ease to work from anywhere and noted success, Domaining as a Career makes fortune.

Highlights of the Course:

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After completion of the course you will get:

Explore the Domaining industry and unfold how the Domain Aftermarket business works.

What is Domaining?

Investing in domain names with an intent to make profits by selling it for more than the buying price is referred to as domaining. It works very similar to the real estate market provided the asset here is a domain name in the internet based market.

Apart from buying and selling domain names, there are several other ways to monetize the domains i.e. these may be built into a website that sells products or services or the active domain can be parked on a landing page with appropriate advertising.

Why is domaining a profitable business?

This is one obvious question that definitely comes to your mind while you go ahead with choosing domain as a profession. It is always a matter of curiosity to know how much money you can actually expect to earn while you get into this business.

Buying and selling domain names is certainly profitable but before showing you how, you must know that this business is something that has the shortest learning curve and requires limited resources while letting you enjoy the freedom to work from anywhere and anytime.

Now to answer how profitable it is or can be, let us have a look at the sames of some of the domain sales that helped their owners make huge profits- something beyond imagination. 

GoDaddy is one of the prominent platforms for premium domain Buying & Selling.

Who should join?

This course is for you if you are:

  • Digital Marketer
  • Freelancer
  • Social Media Influencer
  • Running a web development Agencies
  • Running a web hosting company
  • Brand Name Consultant
  • Internet Entrepreneur
  • Running Advertising Agency
  • Running Media Buying Agency
  • Running a consultancy firm
  • Keen learner and an avid internet user