How to professionally communicate on Emails and Social Media


If there is one thing that is standing in your way in locking deals with International clients, it is effective communication and its etiquette. How you communicate through social media and email professionally, are directly responsible for the outcome of your success, which, unfortunately, isn’t usually taught in our traditional education system. Your words are your calling card to your clients from other geographies and often mistakes that are casually ignored here, might leave a sour impression there

In this live session for beginners and starters, the best practices of initiating effective written business communication over Whatsapp, Facebook, and Email, will be covered live with real life examples and case studies. This will help the budding entrepreneur in you to cross the language barrier, and leave a long lasting impact on your clients, suppliers, contractors, employees, and employers, while minimizing the friction and scope of misunderstandings. The meaningful, yet humane way of communication will establish you as a strong, reputed, and persuasive entrepreneur.

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About Speaker : Pankaj Vijayvargiya is an award winning entrepreneur and public figure from Indore, MP. He has completed his “Business Administration & Foreign Economic Cooperation” from Deutsche Management Akademie, Germany and is selected by the German Ministry of Economic Affairs, Indian Ministry of Commerce & Industry, and the Government of India as an ambassador to strengthen International business relationships between India. With over 10 years of experience doing international business, He is currently serving as the Founder & C.E.O. at Bitlevel International, and Chief Mentor at E-Udaan, a non-profit project to empower the college youth with digital entrepreneurship opportunities.

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May 16


05:00 pm - 06:30 am

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