TikTok Advertising for e-commerce and businesses


Join us and Mr. Nilay Chakrapani (CEO at Ecomnite Trade Pvt. Ltd) on 6th June at 08:00 PM in a live Webinar “Learn to Promote Your E-commerce Business with TikTok Advertising”.

In this Webinar, you will gain insights on why TikTok is a beneficial mode of advertising for e-commerce as compared to other social media platforms, ways to engage and acquire customers, creating smart social campaign audiences, the effective implementation strategies to reach the target audience along with the best practices. Attending this webinar would pack you with a full fledged knowledge on using TikTok Advertising for your E-commerce.

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Topics, we would take in this Webinar:

– TikTok Ads- An alternative to Facebook Ads. for Indian Ecom
– Why TikTok Ads.?
– Audience on TikTok
– TikTok- The Advertising Platform
– TikTok- Ad Structure
– Checklist & Best practices

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This Webinar is for you! Grab your seats and get ready to learn!

Register here for Free Webinar : https://bit.ly/3f54bpp

Team Urban Skill


June 6


08:30 pm - 09:30 pm

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Jay Paudyal

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