WordPress Themes – Development and Troubleshooting (Extending RESTful themes)


One of the most powerful features of the WordPress framework is the ability to extend a parent theme with a child theme. This has been one of the factors that enabled the platform to grow beyond programmers and make it accessible to website designers with limited knowledge of html and css.

A RESTful theme is one which uses the REST api to communicate with the server, making http requests leaner and faster. It requires a Javascript framework to handle the reactive events on a page, and the tendency of these frameworks has been to pre-build the javascript application prior to deploying the theme on a website.

Building a javascript framework is fraught with complications due to dependencies and evolving javascript versions. It is also a stumbling block to multiple website designers with limited javascript skills. As of today, there is no mechanism for extending a pre-built javascript application once deployed on the browser. Therefore RESTful themes based on such a mechanism cannot be extended using a child theme!
Is it possible to build a RESTful theme that will allow for ease of extension of its javascript framework as well as preserving the child theme-ing functionality of WordPress? This will be the question explored in this free WordPress Meetup.

Speaker : Mr Aurovrata Venet
Aurovrata is a Frenchman made in India, he runs Syllogic Consultants Pvt. Ltd. which is in data analytics and business development. He is a regular contributor to the WordPress community along with several plugins in the official repository.


February 16


04:00 pm - 06:00 pm

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Pawan Kumar and Jay Paudyal

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