1. Violation of any of the rules may lead to the removal or a mandatory disciplinary action like prohibiting the member in active participation for a specified time or removal from the group.
  2. Only discussions related to domain are only allowed. Any other posts or conversations are strictly prohibited and in case if the user does not comply with this rule, he/she shall be removed immediately from the group.
  3. English shall be the only language of communication.
  4. Use of any word which is abusive, obscene, threatening, defamatory, hateful, or offensive racially or ethnically or involves terms and comments of a sexual nature is strictly prohibited. Thus, in case you are sure if a comment is appropriate then keep it to yourself as if offensive it will not be accepted against any member of the group.
  5. The chat must be limited to the relevant discussion on domains being sold/asked for or anything else concerned with the domain. Any inappropriate behaviour or chat shall result in your removal from the WhatsApp group immediately.
  6. The Members here trust you with their contact information and so act responsibly by keeping this information secure within the group.
  7. Do not call any member of the group unless you have the permission to do so. Communication shall be strictly limited to messages and refrain from using abusive or any other offensive words. Respect each member of the group.
  8. Keep Chat limited to professional and educational discussions on domain topics only. Any personal chat shall be done privately as the main objective of the group must not be hampered.
  9. Avoid smaller sentences rather express yourself within a single post instead of creating a bulk of messages. This delivers a clear idea of the conversation making it easier to read and also it reduces the number of notifications.
  10. The existing rules can be modified anytime and as administrators/moderators, we reserve the right to decide the suitable rules to ensure a healthy learning environment within the group. Any alteration in the rules shall be posted in the group.